+ Branding
Behind every great brand is a great idea. The more inspiring the idea, the more intense and profound the commitment. And the more the consumer believes in the brand, the more value the brand returns to its owner. Most importantly, strong brands bestow value far beyond the performance of the products themselves. Brandz wave is dedicated to identifying, building and expressing the right idea for a brand through a multidisciplinary range of brand strategy, interactive and research services.

+ Logo
Brandz create, renew and strengthen our client’s brand power. We will make sure that the logo created be relevant in future years.

+ Corporate stationery / Business card
Brandz wave works collaboratively with clients to evaluate, create and manage their brand assets; Assessing a brand’s value is critical to marketing investments and allows management to plan and assess the impact of their strategies.

+ Printing Collaterals
Great design has the ability to drive awareness, perception and loyalty. Our team work in partnership with our clients to identify new or hidden market opportunities and to help position their brands for short-term impact and long-term value.

+ Advertisement
In the dog-eat-dog business world, the slightest advantage can mean the difference between big sales and big disappointment. Often this advantage is as basic as having a more professional, more refined image than any of your competitors.

+ Brochure / Flyer / Direct Mailer
Design is a crucial aspect of your selling. Your wealth of useful information depands on it to get across to your potential clients. Thus your brochure design has to convey that information clearly, logically and increasingly graphically.

+ Newsletter / Annual Report/ Catalogue
Your print is an information tool, use it properly and your clients will be reliably informed on news and developments within your company. The design should be relevant and reflect your corporate image and your house style. Brandz wave will make sure that your print collaterals are uniquely cater to your audience.

+ Packaging
The crucial expression of your brand at the point of sale. It distinguish your products or services from your competitor’s.

+ Pop / Stands / Banner / Portable Display / Signage / Billboard / Lightbox /
Poster / Exhibition / Trade Shows / Conference Backdrop
With customers bombarded from all angles, you need a gimmick to stand out from your competitors – that is where we come in.

+ Custom made Gift / Greeting Card
Build up a personalised relationship with your customer. May it be a long lasting bond of affection.

+ Page / Book layout
An up-to-date look, impeccable typography and layout are a must for a succesful page or book design. Readers get frustrated easily, your layout needs to hit the right chord with the reader. Keeping them hooked, turning the pages.

+ Art
The expression of self-realization where the voice that could just cry or speak can also sing and express joy, is art. Art is life expressed in the form of joy or beauty.

+ Illustration
The world of reality belongs to art. It depicts the reality of life and its freedom; Create an emotional connection with your audience by sharing effective stories with illustrations.

+ Photography / Photo retouching
The visual always appeal to earn a second or third glance.

+ Web / E-newsletter / Banner ad
Bringing your business to the world wide web enhances the exposure of your business, delivering critical information to prospective customers you didn’t even know were there. A strong web presence tells your clients and customers that you’re a leader in your field, that you really mean business! Communicate with your customers! Arouse their curiosity to make that crucial click.

+ Multimedia
With the use of computers, the users are now allowed to be involved and interact with the multimedia presentation. They now has control over the flow of data. Each user can follow a uniquely “personal” trail through the information. This dynamic interaction allows the user to perceive the information at their own speed and getting feedback were necessary.

+ 2-D/ 3-D Animation
The ever-expanding growth of the digital media has fueled the use of 2D animation by organizations. Increasingly, companies are adopting this technology to prepare sales presentations, product demonstrations as well as to disseminate information to satisfy academic needs; 3D animations are ideal solutions for small to medium sized businesses for enhancing their corparate image. Using eye catching 3D graphics can help convey a professional image for an organization.

+ Audio / Video / Tvc
The audio-visual world is now experiencing a great upheaval. Use of the medium for storing, processing, distribution and presentation of text, sound and picture has undoubtedly changed both the production and the media products and also the ways in which they are used. And most of all, the technologies have changed your customers’ expectation of you.

+ Business Document / Flash & Powerpoint Presentation
Tired of using the same templates in presentations? You’re not making a good impression, because your audience have seen it all before.